The term HORTITECTURE focuses on sustainable building strategies that explore the synergies combining architecture and plant material. At the Symposia an international group of interdisciplinary experts present and discuss their ideas and experiences in the field. We compare and analyse architectural solutions that are made with, made for and made from plant material, asking:

• How are plants integrated within the building system?
• What kinds of benefits can a new kind of nature-artifact combination offer?
• How do the plantings affect the overall environment and architectural design?
• What is the maintenance factor and how scalable are these new solutions?

HORTITECTURE will be a growing focal subject that intends to network core disciplines in order to foster more sustainable environments. At the TU Braunschweig architects, landscape architects and environmental scientists constitute research cooperations. In studying the intersections between architectural, horticultural and technological practices, our goal is to transfer knowledge beyond building design to a larger urban scope, creating better, more sustainable future cities.